When In Need Grandmas Serve

Founded in 2015, WINGS is a group of over 50 dynamic women—all grandmothers—dedicated to raising funds and awareness for Phoenix Children’s. Together, they’ve raised almost $1 million to support a variety of initiatives. Notably, their support of the Paws Can Heal program brought full-time facility dog, Checkers, to the hospital to spread hope and healing to kids, staff and families. They’ve also sent 200 children battling cancer to Camp Rainbow, offering them much-needed support. Additionally, they actively backed the Young Investigators Awards, financially supporting the work of up-and-coming researchers in the field. This year, their funding will support new technology and equipment for the Motion Analysis Lab.

“As grandmothers, so many of our families have personally benefitted from Phoenix Children’s services. The hospital touches us so directly.”

-Alice Bazlen
WINGS Member

WINGS Leadership

Executive Committee

President: Cindy Todare

President Elect: Mary Jo Grogan

Treasurer: Janie Russo

Vice President of Membership: Nancy Kindregan

Recording Secretary: Georgeanne Gillis

Corresponding Secretary: Beth Pryor

Committee Chairs:

Fundraiser: JoEllen Feltham, Connie Metzger

Governance: Pam Farrer

Grants: Helene Presutti, Kim Cullum, Margie Freeze

Service Projects: Kathy Brown

Social: Terri Worthington (Chair), Diane Fincham, Jean Feuer

Nominating Committee:

Laurie Verderame

Sandy Frey

Debbie Frazelle


Past President: Rachel Maloney


Nancy Albert

Claire Anderson

Alice Bazlen

Mary Jo Beardsley

Cathy Byram
Kate Conley
Deborah Cookson
Kim Cullum
Marsha Dyer
Pam Farrer
Iris Feldman
JoEllen Feltham
Jean Feuer
Diane Fincham
Tricia Folger
Debbie Frazelle
Margie Freeze
Sandy Frey
Nancy Gill
Georganne Gillis
Victoria Granberry
Mary Jo Grogan
Susan Hagenah
Susan Harris
Sue Holmes
Robby Jackson
Joan Jarnagin
Rona Kasen

Cindy Ketcherside
Nancy Kindregan
Cheryl Levinson
Toni Loback
Rachel Maloney
Michelle “Mike ” Mencuccini
Connie Metzger
Judy Nelson
Kathy Pidgeon
Priscilla Nicholas
Susan Powell
Helene Presutti
Beth Pryor
Cathy Reahard
Caren Redivo
Darcy Royal
Vicki Ross
Janie Russo
Dawn Schlott
Vicky Shiya
Ilona Shorb
Sandi Siggins
Barbara Stamper
Cindy Todare
Laurie Verderame
Jan Wessman
Julie Wesley
Lyn Wiley
Gretchen Wilson
Brenda White
Terri Worthington

Motion Analysis Lab

The WINGS Women’s Board invites you to make a difference

For children coping with a range of movement issues related to disease, muscular, spine or bone health, birth defects, sports injuries, or rehabilitation, the Motion Analysis Lab (Gait Lab) is the only one of its kind in the state.

Our motion analysis uses engineering, entertainment technology and medical expertise to study a child’s movement patterns and muscle activity. Our goal is to reach the best possible outcome for each child and their family.

This fund supports new technology and equipment in the lab to provide a quicker diagnosis and better care to pediatric patients. Currently, there is a waiting list of 100 patients to be scheduled for the Gait Lab.

To learn more about the Motion Analysis Lab, click here

Prefer Paying By Check?

Checks may be made payable to Phoenix Children’s Foundation and mailed to:
Attn: Alicia Cleaver
Phoenix Children’s Foundation
2929 E. Camelback Road, Suite #122
Phoenix, AZ 85016