Paul Travis is a “fearless” 4-year-old who inspires hope among everyone he meets. His mother, Jennifer, says he's super resilient and lives his life with no limitations, considering his health conditions.

As an infant, Paul Travis was diagnosed with epilepsy, cerebral palsy and cognitive vision impairment. His parents faced many roadblocks getting an accurate diagnosis in the beginning.

Paul Travis
Paul II and Paul Travis enjoy their days together.

“It was awful,” says his dad, Paul II. “We felt pretty hopeless.”

But then they came to Phoenix Children's. “Going to PCH felt like someone was listening,” Paul says. They helped us accept that it doesn't matter why he has these episodes of epilepsy. They helped us think about how we can help Paul Travis and move forward.”

Thanks to intensive epilepsy treatment and therapy at the hospital over the years, Paul Travis is now a leader at school and a role model for other kids with disabilities. He is learning how to use a wheelchair, to stand without assistance and to use an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device.

Paul Travis
Paul's smile ignites hope.

Although Paul Travis faces some challenges, Paul and Jennifer say their family has amazing support.  

“I truly believe that if Paul Travis had not been admitted at Phoenix Children's, or was not seen by Dr. Wilfong, he wouldn't be here with us today.”

Watch Paul Travis' video now to see how he inspires hope with his strength and resilience.

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