In May 2021, 11-month-old Bode’s life was hanging in the balance after a near-drowning incident in his family’s backyard swimming pool. Doctors estimated the little boy was unconscious for nearly an hour. After being stabilized at a nearby hospital, Bode was transported to Phoenix Children’s by air ambulance. In critical condition, he spent the next month in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), where he received around-the-clock care that ultimately saved his life.

“Everyone had a relentless commitment to achieve positive results for Bode,” say the boy’s parents, Greta and Justin. “His care providers were professional, loving—especially the nurses—and well trained. One doctor in particular played a big role in getting Bode healthy and supporting us: Dr. David W. Tellez. We cannot thank him enough.”

To celebrate the lifesaving care Bode received, members of his family made a contribution supporting the PICU that they hope will help others facing similar challenges. “The gift symbolizes our gratitude for everyone who helped Bode survive this terrible incident,” the family says. “Without Phoenix Children’s expertise and specializations—which are not found at every hospital—who knows where we would be with Bode. Phoenix Children’s is a tremendous asset to our community, and it’s imperative that we support the institution so they can keep doing good and saving lives.”

Beating the odds

Today, Bode is 20 months old and thriving. His parents describe him as a fighter who continues to get stronger every day. He continues to receive support and therapies from Phoenix Children’s but enjoys a relatively normal life. And he loves playing with his older siblings, 7-year-old Harvey and 5-year-old Odette. His parents and grandparents say that the joy they get from watching the toddler with his brother and sister is priceless.

“Bode beat all odds,” the family says. “He is literally a walking miracle. A big part of that was the excellent care he received at Phoenix Children’s. No amount of donation will ever be enough to express our gratitude for the wonderful people who work there.”

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