For 40 years, Phoenix Children’s has delivered hope, healing and world-class health care to Arizona children and their families—but none of it would have been possible without philanthropy. Driven by this mission, community leaders dedicate their time and expertise to lead the Phoenix Children’s Foundation Board of Directors.

The Foundation board’s philanthropic leadership helps support one of the largest pediatric health systems in the nation. New members Tarl Robinson and Lisa Graziosi joined the board in 2023 to share their unique experiences and help Phoenix Children’s continue to grow.

Meet Tarl Robinson

Blending business acumen with a steadfast dedication to health, wellness and the community

Tarl Robinson describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur” who has launched several businesses, from a painting company to a direct sales organization. Now he is bringing his extensive experience in sales, marketing and leadership, along with deep community connections, to Phoenix Children’s. “I hope over the course of my career I’ve learned things that could be valuable to the Foundation,” Robinson says. “There is so much value in collaboration and working toward a goal when multiple minds come together.”

Robinson is originally from Seattle but has called Phoenix home for more than two decades. He founded Plexus Worldwide, a supplement and wellness company, in Scottsdale in 2008, helping grow the startup brand with more than 375 employees.

Robinson has always looked for opportunities to be involved in the local community. In 2018, Plexus was the inaugural sponsor of the Pima Center Community Walk—an annual fundraising event that supports the Center for Heart Care at Phoenix Children’s. Through the walk, Robinson learned more about Phoenix Children’s work in the community and wanted to expand his involvement, making him a natural fit for the Foundation board. “It’s a group I’m passionate about,” he says.

As a board member, Robinson hopes to expand Phoenix Children’s impact in the region and help raise awareness. “I’d love to see the Phoenix Children’s brand out in the community in a bigger way,” he says.

Meet Lisa Graziosi

Driven by a personal journey of navigating her children's health care needs

Lisa Graziosi's journey to the board of directors started with an online search. She found Phoenix Children's while looking for the best doctor to treat children with allergies. “I believe that everyone who works with children deeply cares. But maybe they’re constrained, they have their hands tied, maybe they’re too busy, maybe they’re overworked,” Graziosi says, remembering her search. “Then I found Phoenix Children’s, where I truly feel that everyone cares, and their depth of knowledge is undeniable.”

Graziosi’s 3-year-old son, Luca, was diagnosed with eczema as an infant and developed anaphylactic food allergies. Two years later, her daughter, Vida, was also diagnosed with serious food allergies. Raising children who have a total of nine life-threatening food allergies means Graziosi spends a lot of time at the Allergy and Immunology Clinic at Phoenix Children's. Gratitude led Graziosi to want to ensure other families had the same access to lifesaving care.

“With my own experience worrying about my son’s life and my daughter’s life all the time, I realized that so many families are struggling and suffering in silence,” Graziosi says. “They’re going through things that most of the world doesn’t know. I got to see a glimpse of it and now I experience it every day. I just knew I had to do more.”

More includes joining the Foundation board. Graziosi, who is the owner of Scottsdale’s Extension Bar, the world’s first specialized hair extension salon, says she wants to give back “with full force” to help other families. She hopes her perspective as a woman and young mom can help magnify the efforts the board has made to keep Phoenix Children’s at the forefront of research, cutting-edge technology and treatments for children’s health.

“There’s a lot of things people can donate to,” Graziosi says. “I think Phoenix Children’s is the most worthy cause that exists today.”

New board member Lisa Graziosi with her husband, Dean, and children, Luca and Vida.

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