4 Reasons to Become a Monthly Donor

Every donation to Phoenix Children’s makes a difference for our young patients and their families, and we’re grateful to all our donors for their generous support. But did you know there’s a way your gift can be even more impactful? Making a monthly donation not only increases the power of your gift, but it also has benefits for you. Why become a monthly donor?

1. It's convenient and flexible.

Your credit card is charged automatically each month, making it easy to regularly give an amount that fits your budget. Plus, you can change or cancel your gift at any time.

2. It helps meet urgent needs.

New and pressing needs arise constantly at Phoenix Children’s. With the support of monthly donors, we can be ready to address unexpected challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

3. It maximizes your impact.

Monthly gifts provide a reliable stream of funding, allowing Phoenix Children’s to undertake long-term projects with the potential to transform children’s health. By spreading your support over time, you can make a significant impact without a large upfront contribution.

4. It may have tax benefits for you.

Your monthly gift may qualify for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. With this dollar-for-dollar credit—up to $470 for those filing individually and $938 for those filing jointly—you can get the value of your gift back on your state income taxes.

Already a monthly donor?

We’re deeply grateful for your ongoing support, which helps sustain our lifesaving work year-round.    

In the year ahead, more families with children facing life-threatening diseases, chronic conditions and critical injuries will come to Phoenix Children’s seeking hope and healing. A small increase in your investment can make a world of difference for them. For example, increasing your monthly gift by just $5 per month will provide an additional $60 for Phoenix Children’s each year—enough to buy 70 diapers, 10 baby bottles with cleaning kits, or eight stethoscopes.  


Start Your Monthly Gift Now

When you become a monthly donor today, you will join a community of like-minded donors who are committed to ensuring that Phoenix Children’s always has the resources to care for children in need.