Patients Empowered To Change Outcomes for Others

Meet our current class of Patient Ambassadors. Throughout their commitment, ambassadors and their families give back to Phoenix Children’s by sharing their stories in a variety of ways and fundraising for an area of the hospital that is meaningful to them.  

Meet Our Ambassadors


Addison is a longtime patient of Phoenix Children’s with a winning smile and a knack for medicine.


Alexis is a gymnast, dancer and aspiring model who has had a long, complex medical journey with many twists and turns.


Amauri is an active, high-energy kid and longtime patient who received a life-changing bone marrow transplant at age 6.


Calvin is a basketball-loving teen who underwent a heart transplant when he was 13 years old.


Carter is a leukemia survivor who now helps other patients find healing through the power of play.


Cheston is a published author who describes autism as his superpower, proudly saying, “I am great just the way I am.”


Derek is a happy, cheerful young boy who likes to learn new things and was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder.


Gemma is a “super sassy but very sweet” little girl with a genetic disorder so rare that fewer than 15 people worldwide are known to have it.


Isabella is a sweet and energetic child who has had a challenging year fighting an aggressive form of cancer and treatment.


Isadora is a spunky teen who enjoys giving back to the community after experiencing a life-changing scooter accident.


Jackson is a smart and determined young boy who has a rare neurodevelopmental condition called MECP2 duplication syndrome.


Madden is a sweet, happy, and now thriving kid after spending his first five months of life in the NICU due to a brain bleed.


Madison is a resilient preteen and lifelong Phoenix Children's patient with a unique outlook on dealing with several complex medical conditions.


Payton is a traumatic brain injury survivor who loves art, music, dancing and soccer.


Samantha is a one-of-a-kind teen whose life changed instantly, right when she was starting her first year of high school.


Wyatt is a happy, music-loving baby who had a heart transplant when he was just 8 months old.

If you would like more information about the Patient Ambassador Program or to submit a patient for consideration as an ambassador, please contact Ryan Sereduk at