Patients Empowered To Change Outcomes For Others

Each year, the community nominates a group of patients to represent Phoenix Children’s as Patient Ambassadors. Throughout their commitment, ambassadors and their families give back to Phoenix Children's by sharing their stories in a variety of ways and fundraising for an area of the hospital that is meaningful to them.

Meet Our 2023 Ambassadors

Adam, 11

Meet Adam, a lifelong patient of Phoenix Children’s. Despite his challenges, including Down syndrome, autism, bilateral eye issues and a congenital heart defect, he lives life to the fullest. Adam loves bringing a smile to those around him through his passion for singing, golfing, swimming and Taylor Swift.

Chase, 11

Meet Chase, a resilient and determined kid who thrives despite facing a complex medical journey that has included surgery and helmet therapy for a birth defect impacting his skull, growth issues, asthma and migraines. His family credits his care team at Phoenix Children's for helping him get back to being a kid who loves quantum physics and golf.

CC, 12

Meet CC, a happy and outgoing kid who has had to overcome several medical challenges, including hormone and growth disorders, bilateral clubfeet and hip dysplasia. His parents credit Phoenix Children's for saving CC's feet, and for helping him thrive today so he can enjoy all the things he loves, including dancing, rapping and hanging out with his sisters.

Elilai, 9

Meet Elilai, a warm-hearted and fun-loving 9-year-old who enjoys cheerleading and playing the piano. After completing 12 rounds of outpatient chemotherapy and radiation treatment for Ewing sarcoma, a form of bone cancer, at our Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, she's now cancer free and a proud Phoenix Children’s Patient Ambassador.

Joey, 7 months

Meet Joey, a happy and thriving infant with achondroplasia, a rare genetic bone disorder that causes dwarfism. Thanks to early intervention and the expert care of his team at the Skeletal Health and Dysplasia Clinic and Child Life, Joey is progressing well. He'll need specialized care for the rest of his life, and his parents are confident he's in good hands at Phoenix Children's.

Joy, 10 months

Meet Joy, a heart warrior who has spent much of her life in the Center for Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at Phoenix Children’s after being diagnosed in utero with four heart defects. Joy has had two open-heart surgeries and several procedures, but her family found healing hope through music therapy, art therapy and Child Life, programs funded by philanthropy.

Nash, 2

Meet Nash, a brave 2-year-old diagnosed with malignant liver cancer in March 2022. After six cycles of high-intensity inpatient chemotherapy and a successful liver transplant in November, Nash is now cancer free thanks to the care he received at our Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

SJ, 9

Meet SJ, a young athlete and aspiring NFL quarterback who took a hard hit on the field, resulting in a transverse femur fracture. After receiving swift and expert care from his orthopedic team at Phoenix Children's, SJ is on the mend and looking forward to getting back on the field.

Sutton, 10

Meet Sutton, a spirited 10-year-old with a complex medical journey that includes kidney reflux, immune deficiency, Crohn's disease, and feeding and gastrointestinal issues. Despite numerous treatments, therapies and surgeries, Sutton maintains a positive attitude.

If you would like more information about the Patient Ambassador Program or to submit a patient for consideration as an ambassador, please contact Ryan Sereduk at