The Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation Teen Board offers a fun and unique opportunity for teens to contribute to their community. The Teen Board advocates for others, creates community awareness, and fundraises for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Members learn the importance of volunteer work and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

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Harkins Movie Night for Rainbow Kids

PCH Teen Board 2021-2022 Executive Board

  • Sophie Kolbe
  • Sam Tepper
  • Grace Allen
  • Anna Kolbe
  • Noah Fox
  • Cade Smith
  • Nathan Pophal
  • Sammy Cisterna
  • Kate Erblich


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Support the PCH Teen Board’s mission by making a gift, and then stay connected with the group on Instagram.

Meet the PCH Teen Board

Board Members

Eva Allen
Woody Bayless
Hannah Bell
Kate Blair
Daniel Breuer
Ansley Burns
Luke Burns
Holland Carey
Indy Clayton
Jack Davis
Chloe Fox
Jack Gallahger

Thomas Haak
James Hurry
Eva Kleingartner
Sophia Kleingartner
Annie Kopp
Maya Lane
Anika Lovecchio
CC Lunt
Emma Mackay
Olvier Mackay
Lila Mago
Ginger Mago

Cole Miller
Armaan Narwani
Jordyn Oppenheim
Abby Ostilie
Emma Pophal
James Richardson
Olvia Richardson
Pace Schneider
Lane Schneider
Dalton Shapiro
Chas Stark
Lelia Symington

What is Red Wagon Roundup?

Due to current circumstances in our community, we are making adjustments to our Red Wagon Roundup.

The Red Wagon Roundup is a collaborative effort between youth in our community and the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Teen Board to provide support items for Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) patients and their families during their hospital stay.

Red Wagon Roundup “Deputies” are recruited to coordinate donation drives within their schools, churches, teams, community organizations, or among friends to aid in this effort.

Donation drives typically take place during February and March.

Why Red Wagons?

When possible, children at PCH are transported to treatments in red wagons instead of in wheelchairs. It is part of our Teen Board’s mission to provide wagons for the hospital, and fill them with items to brighten the days ahead for Phoenix Children’s Hospital patients.

How can you participate in Red Wagon Roundup?

Become a Red Wagon Roundup Deputy 

  • Commit to coordinating a donation drive and check the Gift Card Wish List for a list of desired gift cards to collect on behalf of Phoenix Children’s.  Donation drives may be coordinated at: school events, your team sports events, service club activities, church youth group events, other youth organizations, or just among your friends and family.
  • Upon completion of your drive, you can deliver your gift cards to the Phoenix Children’s Foundation Office front desk.

Make a donation, and we will purchase items in your name.

Oh darn! Deputy registration is now closed for now.

Teen Board 5th Anniversary

Celebrate the 5th anniversary of the PCH Teen Board by partnering with your teen to double the impact of their efforts.

The Meal Program at Phoenix Children’s offers a culinary experience to patients and families in the hospital cafeteria and through room service. The cafeteria offers a wide variety of nutritious food made fresh to order, while At Your Request™ Room Service Dining gives patients and families healthy meal and snack options that they can order to support the changing and sometimes unpredictable schedules, needs or moods of a sick or injured child. Phoenix Children’s Hospital emphasizes stress-free nutritional options by providing no-cost meal vouchers to thousands of parents and siblings so families can focus on their child’s recovery.

Many families must come to the hospital at a moment’s notice and some travel from across the state without any time to prepare—the last thing a parent is thinking about is eating a healthy meal. Parents are usually exhausted, stressed and worried while some might not even be able to afford multiple meals during a hospital stay. Additionally, patients who are receiving infusion therapy such as chemotherapy are offered lunch so they can enjoy a well-balanced meal. Meal vouchers are provided for families to use in the hospital cafeteria or At Your Request™ Room Service Dining.

When children fight cancer, survival today is what matters most. Still, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can profoundly affect their reproductive systems. The kids we treat might not be thinking about family planning yet, but at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, we want to prepare them for the future.

Today, medical advancements have delivered much progress, and 83 percent of pediatric cancer patients survive. While more children are conquering cancer, we want to help them navigate some of the problems they may cope with once the battle has been won, including the risk for infertility. Fortunately, there is a way you can help us help children undergoing treatment before they even begin to consider starting a family, delivering hope and healing that spans lifetimes.

Fertility Preservation encompasses cryopreservation (or the freezing at sub-zero temperatures for future use) of sperm for boys; and eggs, embryos, and reproductive tissue for girls. Counseling our patients and families to think proactively about these options improves the chances of future attempts at family planning. 56 percent of our patients are insured by the state’s Medicaid program, and many are unable to afford the fees associated with the initial collection and storage of bio materials. Generous philanthropy will continue to enable the Phoenix Children’s to cover the costs. Approximately 100 families pursue these services each year.

Partner With Your Teen To Double The Impact Of Their Involvement

In honor of their 5th Anniversary, the Teen Board invites you to join them in doubling the impact of their involvment. This past year, the Teen board elected to direct their philanthropic efforts towards two critical programs: Meal Assistance and Fertility Preservation.

“She tells everyone she wants to be a mom when she grows up. She’s just so nurturing, and it would be awful to think she couldn’t do that.”

Jennifer Tully

It’s what Jennifer Tully of New River says about her 10-year-old daughter, Carmella. She’d always played with dolls, and for most young girls her age, future motherhood seems like a given.

But for Carmella, her journey through cancer posed a risk to her future plans.

The Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation Teen Board offers a fun and unique opportunity for teens to contribute to their community. The Teen Board advocates for others, creates community awareness, and fundraises for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Members learn the importance of volunteer work and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

Teen Board Membership – Renew

To complete the renewing of your Teen Board membership fill out the from below and pay your annual dues of $75.

New Teen Board Member Application

We will be in touch in early June to let you know if you have been selected for the PCH Teen Board. Members must commit to:

  • Volunteer at one or more PCH events
  • Encourage others to become involved and support PCH
  • Attend a minimum 3 of 4 regular membership meetings
  • Support yearly fundraiser by attending and securing support. (Fundraising event(s) to be determined by board)
  • Secure and follow up with at least one Donation Drive Deputy
  • Pay dues of $75 per year- due upon invitation to join the Teen Board

The deadline to apply has passed. Please check back next year!