An accidental fall changed 10-year-old Amiya’s life in an instant. She was rushed to Phoenix Children’s, where she underwent trauma surgery that resulted in a colostomy, a procedure that creates an opening in the abdominal wall through which a piece of the colon is diverted outside of the body. Though her treatment and healing process have been challenging, Amiya is resilient.  

“It’s been difficult to see her go through so much,” says her mom, Raylene. “She has taught me that she is beyond amazing and completely strong. She is the toughest 10-year-old I know.” 

Here are five things to know about Amiya: 

1. Amiya is a fighter. 

Times have been tough, but Amiya stays strong. Every day, she follows her care team’s recommendations in hopes of getting better. She is determined to have her colostomy reversed someday. “I want her to keep being so humble and keep fighting towards getting better each day,” Raylene says. 

2. Her accident brought the family closer. 

Amiya and her family are closer than ever since the accident. Raylene says her perspective as a mother has changed. “I am more overprotective of my children and aware of their surroundings,” she says.  

3. Amiya gives strength to her family.

Amiya is loving and “caring beyond measure,” her mom says. She's a helpful, protective big sister.  

4. Activities at Phoenix Children’s offered a positive distraction.

While in the hospital, Amiya enjoyed art therapy and playing in the Zone. Animal-assisted therapy sessions put a smile back on her face after her surgeries, Raylene says. 

5. The Phoenix Children’s family has guided Amiya through the experience. 

Amiya’s medical team reassures her that her injuries are only a minor setback in life and that she is on the road to recovery. “The support from Phoenix Children’s is unbelievably incredible,” Raylene says. “Having them standing beside us is more than appreciated.” 

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