Kash entered the world earlier than expected and weighed just 700 grams—about 1.5 pounds—at birth. But one year later, he’s a thriving, cuddly baby who loves to laugh and climb on his family’s dog, Daisy. Kash brings joy to his family every day. 

Here are five things to know about Kash: 

1. Kash is a twin and a preemie. 

When their mom developed preeclampsia, Kash and his twin sister, Kinley, were born at 27 weeks. Kash was diagnosed with complications including intrauterine growth restriction, chronic lung disease, necrotizing enterocolitis and aspiration. After 126 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, Kash underwent surgery to place a gastronomy tube (G-tube) to promote better feeding and weight gain before going home.  

2. He had to wait two days to meet his mom.  

Kash was on a ventilator soon after birth, and his mom, Kacy, couldn’t see her son for the first two days of his life. “I was terrified having the babies at 27 weeks,” she says. “But everyone at Phoenix Children’s has been so reassuring and helpful along this whole journey.”   

3. Kash is a tiny yet mighty inspiration for his family.  

Kacy and her husband, Richard, are grateful that their twins are now healthy and happy. “This experience is humbling for our whole family,” Kacy says. “It really shows you how precious life is and to never take anything for granted.”   

4. He has a contagious smile. 

Kash loves to giggle when his dad tickles him, and he has fun being silly with his sister. When Kash visits the Phoenix Zoo, he’s especially excited to see the monkeys. “He is the happiest, most fun-loving boy I have ever met,” Kacy says. “Kash is so mild-mannered. His smile will light up a room.”  

5. Kash’s mom is hopeful about his future.  

Kacy is grateful for the compassionate team at Phoenix Children’s, who provide therapy and support for Kash’s feeding journey. She hopes he’ll gain enough weight to reverse the G-tube. “My wish for my child is a healthy, fun childhood,” Kacy says. “I want Kash to continue to thrive and always stay as happy as he is now.”  

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