Nolan was diagnosed with kidney cancer just before his first birthday. Within a week, surgeons at Phoenix Children’s removed the tumor. It was a mass that engulfed his entire abdomen—a weight of 2.5 pounds in his 19-pound body. 

“When we got the text that said the tumor was gone, my husband held me. There were tears of joy that kept coming,” says Brie, Nolan’s mom. Even though Nolan’s tumor removal was a lifesaving success, he would go on to face many more challenges. In the heaviness of it all, Brie turned to Phoenix Children's Spiritual Care program, a service funded entirely by donations, for support. 

Javi Casas, a chaplain at Phoenix Children’s, walked the hallways with Brie as she prayed for Nolan and the other patients. When the two noticed families were feeling isolated, they started a support group held in the interfaith chapel on campus. This group became a space for families to share their stories and receive prayer for their child. 

Support Spiritual Care

Phoenix Children’s spiritual care program helps families in need, regardless of their faith background. The program is funded entirely by donations. 

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