On any given night in Arizona, there are potentially 3,000 to 5,000 young people experiencing homelessness. For more than 20 years, Phoenix Children’s Homeless Youth Outreach (HYO) program has been working to ensure that every child and young person without a home has access to quality comprehensive health care, says Dr. Sarah Beaumont, Medical Director of the program.

“In a best-case scenario, our services wouldn’t be needed, and this program wouldn’t exist,” Dr. Beaumont says. “Unfortunately, the state of homelessness in Phoenix and beyond is only worsening, and the need for our services continues to grow.”

The HYO program covers more than 30 miles across the Phoenix metro area and treats patients up to 24 years old who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. With mobile medical units that travel to shelters, group homes, drop-in centers and schools throughout the metro area, along with clinics at UMOM New Day Centers, Phoenix Dream Center and Children First Leadership Academy, Dr. Beaumont and her team are bringing comprehensive medical and behavioral health services directly to the children who need them most.

Making health care accessible for all 

The cornerstone of the HYO program is the Crews’n Healthmobile: a doctor’s office on wheels serving youth experiencing or at risk of homelessness, where and when they need it. The program has three Healthmobiles, each equipped with exam rooms, a pharmacy, an intake area, a laboratory and a triage area, as well as mental health counselors and access to psychiatric services at Phoenix Children’s—all at no cost to the patient.

“Whether they’re insured or not, we don’t want any of our patients to ever receive a bill. Patients should never fear coming to see us, which is why donor funding is so vital,” Dr. Beaumont says.

Thanks to a recent $150,000 gift from Boeing, the HYO program can continue to serve children and young adults experiencing homelessness. The gift will help meet a range of ongoing needs.

“Boeing is proud to support the important work being done through this program. Phoenix Children’s is an amazing organization and our employees enjoy volunteering with them and making a difference in these children’s lives,” said Kristin Sorensen, Senior Community & Government Relations Specialist at Boeing. “We are grateful to the team at Phoenix Children’s for their incredible work to support and serve children and families across Arizona.”

Caring for Homeless Youth

Over the past four years, the Homeless Youth Outreach Program has served more than 5,600 individuals. These patients received holistic health care with respect—all at no cost to them. Help us continue to make health care accessible for this vulnerable population by joining our giving community today.

Stories Matter

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