CC (Cornelius) is an inspiring young warrior who has defied the odds at every turn during his long and difficult medical journey. With a diagnosis of panhypopituitarism, a condition that disrupts the production of hormones that control growth, metabolism and the body’s response to stress, CC has faced an uphill battle from day one. He also has Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction—a disorder that affects the bile duct and pancreatic duct, causing issues with digestion—as well as hip dysplasia and bilateral clubfeet 

CC didn’t begin his journey at Phoenix Children’s, but his parents are very thankful he's there now. Tamara, CC's mom, says prior to meeting Lee Segal, MD, and his team, she wasn't sure if her son would walk. “We owe Orthopedics endless love for saving our child’s feet,” she says.

Over the years, CC has had several orthopedic procedures, surgeries and treatments. “Our life is filled with medication and injections, fear at a sniffle,” Tamara says.  

She adds that her family wouldn’t have made it through without the lifesaving care provided by CC’s care team. “They are innovative and compassionate,” Tamara says. “Our journey didn’t start at Phoenix Children’s, and it was awful. When we met our doctors, we felt hopeful.” 

Today, CC thrives despite his medical challenges. As the baby of the family, he enjoys hanging out with his two older sisters, and he’s a social kid who loves to dance, rap and spread love to family and friends.

“I don’t let my health interfere in my life,” he says. 

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