Prepare to be inspired by the incredible spirit of 9-year-old Elilai, a bright and vibrant soul who radiates warmth, joy and a quiet strength. With a passion for cheerleading, tumbling and playing the piano, she embodies the essence of a true adventurer, eagerly exploring the world around her. But in March 2022, her life took an unexpected turn when Elilai's parents brought her to Phoenix Children's with a swollen arm. What began as a seemingly innocent symptom revealed itself to be a fierce opponent—Ewing sarcoma, a formidable form of bone cancer.

Immediately, Elilai had a port placed and began 12 rounds of outpatient chemotherapy and radiation at our East Valley Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders Clinic. Abel and Melody, Elilai's parents, say the nurses and staff went above and beyond to make them feel as comfortable as possible during a very scary time in their lives. 

“The East Valley CCBD clinic is the absolute best! They took the time to explain treatments to our family, and they made sure Elilai understood too,” says Melody. “She’s almost back to her normal, silly self because of the great care she received.”

Elilai shows off a contortion dance move

Recently, Elilai’s port was removed, and her prognosis is good. She has oncology scans every three months as part of her ongoing care. Abel and Melody say, “It’s been difficult at times, but we made it through.” 

Elilai smiles for a photo as she eats a doughnut

Elilai's Interests




Making slime

Riding a bike


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Phoenix Children’s Patient Ambassadors are a valiant bunch—they’ve shown immense strength amidst great setbacks. They’re also athletes, intellectuals, artists and the best siblings.

Even though their lives are full of medical appointments, they want to help other patients. Each Ambassador has created a fundraising page to support Phoenix Children’s. Consider donating to Elilai's fund in support of the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders today.