Red Wagon Roundup

What is Red Wagon Roundup?

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The Red Wagon Roundup is a collaborative effort between youth in our community and the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Teen Board to provide support items for Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) patients and their families during their hospital stay.

Red Wagon Roundup “Deputies” are recruited to coordinate donation drives within their schools, churches, teams, community organizations, or among friends to aid in this effort.

Donation drives can take place anytime between October 29, 2018 and April 20, 2019.

Why Red Wagons?

When possible, children at PCH are transported to treatments in red wagons instead of in wheelchairs. It is part of our Teen Board’s mission to provide wagons for the hospital, and fill them with items to brighten the days ahead for Phoenix Children’s Hospital patients.

How can you participate in Red Wagon Roundup?

Become a Red Wagon Roundup Deputy (grades 5 – 12)

  • To become a deputy, visit the link at the bottom of the page and sign up by April 1, 2019.
  • Commit to coordinating a donation drive and check the Food Pantry Wishlist for a list of items to collect on behalf of PCH. Donation drives may be coordinated at: school events, your team sports events, service club activities, church youth group events, other youth organizations, or just among your friends and family.
  • Once selected to be a Deputy, a PCH Teen Board member will deliver a donation drive collection box to you so that you can begin your drive. Upon completion of your drive, you can request that a Teen Board member come collect your items and deliver them to PCH. We need your drive to be completed no later than April 20, 2019

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Make a donation, and we will purchase items in your name.

PCH Teen Board

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