Treyce was 20 weeks pregnant with her third son, Brantley, when a routine ultrasound revealed that he had several heart defects. The news was devastating for Treyce and her husband, David, but there was a silver lining. The early diagnosis meant that Brantley could get the best care from the very beginning.  

Within an hour of his birth, Brantley was transferred to Phoenix Children’s. At just 10 days old, he underwent open-heart surgery to reposition multiple arteries and patch two holes in his heart. The surgery went well, but Brantley began to experience complications shortly afterward that kept him in the hospital for another two months.

Thanks to his lifesaving care at Phoenix Children’s, Brantley was able to join his family at home this past summer.   

Watch Brantley’s video now to see how this resilient baby beat the odds and is now thriving at almost 10 months old.

Be the Face of Hope

Brantley, like all the young patients in Phoenix Children’s care, is the face of strength, resilience and courage. Now, you can be the face of hope for children like him.

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