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Paul Travis
How 4-Year-Old Paul Travis Inspires Hope
Paul Travis is a fearless and resilient 4-year-old who is a role model to his classmates and inspires hope among everyone he meets.
Namiko smiles wide on her hospital bed.
A Face That Defines Resilience
A 3-year-old from Tucson bounces back from major adversity.
Baby Brantley Beats the Odds
Baby Brantley Beats the Odds
Watch to see how baby Brantley's little heart beat the odds after receiving lifesaving care at Phoenix Children's.
Breaking Down Barriers
Charity is on a mission to master martial arts as well as her health, fighting her way through a complex gastrointestinal disorder.
Journey at her home in Buckeye
A Familiar Fight
A young athlete battles her toughest opponent yet: cancer.
VIDEO: Therapy Brings Healing and Hope to a Young Family
After experiencing tragic loss, one couple finds hope for their daughter, Kim, through rehabilitation.
Braden’s Fight Against Leukemia
Braden and his family's lives changed drastically after he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in May 2022.
What It’s Like to Be the Mom of a Child With Cancer
One mom pulls back the veil and shares how she overcame devastating circumstances.
Henry, a patient at Phoenix Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
Finding Answers to a Medical Mystery
A family searches for the cause of their son's chronic illness.
Mohamed poses for a picture beneath his apartment staircase.
A Chance to Walk Again
At age 9, Mohamed was shot in the back in his home country of Somalia, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. In the 10 years since then, his journey to find the best care for his injury has taken him around the globe. Witness how far he's come.
Lukas sits on the couch and smiles at the camera. He's wearing cap on backwards.
Overcoming a Rare Genetic Disorder
A sudden, life-threatening diagnosis left Lukas’ family in deep fear. Listen to his parents recount their experience and describe what’s to come for their boy.